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Pay & Benefits Management Software

Easily record, track, and manage your staff pay and benefits information with our integrated pay & benefits management software tools.

The pay & benefits management feature gives you full control and visibility of your staff pay and rewards data, all in one place. You can quickly get started by importing pay information and bulk assigning benefits for your workforce, as well as updating individual employees' information as you go.

Pay & Benefits Tracking Software

Pay & benefits software features

  • Import all your pay records

    With our import functionality, you can upload a spreadsheet of historical and current pay records, to provide a full record of employees' pay history. Add notes on historical pay so all the information you need is in one place.

  • Grant staff access to their pay and benefits records

    Each employee can see their pay and benefits within their individual file, making it easy for them to check pay and understand the benefits they are receiving, instead of having to request this information.

  • Provide management oversight of all information

    With granular access permissions (at the read or write level), it's easy for managers to see all records. For example, you can record future pay changes - such as pay rises - to give managers an overview of upcoming changes.

  • Take bulk action on pay and benefits

    As well as importing pay records in bulk and granting pay rises to multiple staff, you can also choose to bulk assign benefits to employees. Assigning in bulk helps you save time and keep everybody's benefits up to date.

  • Export payroll information

    Access an up to date payroll report and export the data you need into a spreadsheet to use with your payroll calculations or other software.

The advantages of pay & benefits software

  • Save time updating pay information and assigning benefits

  • Easily share pay and benefits information with managers/employees

  • Staff are confident that they are receiving the correct remuneration

  • Ensure accuracy around pay rate changes, avoiding costly errors

  • Pay/benefits information is exportable for reporting purposes

  • Pay data is stored in a secure, cloud-based environment

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